ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY is part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe, and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Rigorous testing has proved great functionality, durability, and chemical and thermal resistance. 
Our award-winning and patented designs provide these benefits across the full UST range:
• Easy to clean, dry, and visually inspect, reducing the risk that the tools become vectors of contamination
• Smooth surface finishes with no acute internal angles, metal staples, or resin, minimising harbourage points for 
allergens and microorganisms
• Excellent bristle security lowers the risk of foreign-body contamination when used on food contact surfaces
• Constructed from EU and FDA compliant materials that are fully tested, documented, and safe for food contact
• Unique bristle patterns provide high cleaning efficacy, reducing time on task
• Strong, durable, light, and ergonomic construction improves brush life and reduces user fatigue