Unisan serves many food manufacturers and food processing facilities. From Bakeries to Fish Markets, we supply all the products you need to keep your facilities running smoothly. Unisan simplifies the supply chain by consolidating buying power!

Unisan is familiar with HCAAP and FDA compliance procedures, therefore we can help you to implement more efficient practices associated with food safety and sanitation. We can point you in the right direction regarding Food Safe Sanitizers and chemicals in compliance with the USDA Guidelines for Obtaining Authorizations of Compounds to be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is important in Food Manufacturing for both the consumer and the employees. PPE protects against cross-contamination with viruses and other contaminants. PPE also protects the user from injury! Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs, Respiratory Protection, Slip Resistant Footwear, and Cut Resistant or Heat Resistant Gloves are all items that are commonly used to protect employees!

We have a wide range of cleaning products and equipment. Our cleaning chemicals are efficient and concentrated. We have a range of different options for sanitizers, disinfectants, and degreaser chemicals meant for a variety of uses. We also carry extensive options for cleaning equipment and tools, such as vaccums, floor cleaners, squeegees, brooms, and mops.

We have a full line of color-coded tools! Implementing a Color-Coded Cleaning Plan promotes organization and cleanliness. Color-coded tools are an excellent way to ensure food safety and compliance with the HCAAP. Color Coded Cleaning Tools are used to prevent cross-contamination in different zones of a facility or to address allergens. Frequently in food processing, Color Coded Tools differentiate types of foods, such as red for raw meats, yellow for cooked meat, and green for fruits or vegetables.