Unisan provides supplies to Healthcare Facilities. PPE and Cleaning Supplies are incredibly important for healthcare facilities to keep both patients and healthcare workers safe and healthy. One of Unisan’s most popular items is our gloves! We carry a variety of different medical and examination gloves. We also have Masks, Safety Glasses, Lab Coats, Aprons, Shoe Covers, and Bouffant.

                Hand washing in healthcare is extremely important. We have an array of different kinds of antibacterial hand soaps and moisturizing hand soaps. We also have different types of hand sanitizers and dispensers for easy access for your patients, staff and anyone entering your facility.

                Efficient cleaning procedures are imperative to maintain a clean healthcare facility. Our cleaning chemicals are efficient and concentrated. We have a range of different options for sanitizers, disinfectant, and degreaser chemicals meant for a variety of uses. Unisan is commitment to efficient and cost-effective cleaning chemicals to keep your facility clean, sterile, and healthy. We also carry extensive options for cleaning equipment and tools, such as, squeegees, brooms, and mops. We also carry a variety of different types of paper towels, toilet tissue and wipes.

                Cleaning Equipment and tools can create more efficient cleaning procedures. Brooms, Mops, Brushes, Vacuums, and Floor Cleaners are examples of the different cleaning tools we stock. Unisan also can provide food service supplies. We stock a variety of different types of hot and cold cups. We also have disposable plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives and napkins.