PPE and Safety Products

Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Supplies protect Employees and Customers from a variety of Hazards. PPE and Safety Equipment are frequently used in Healthcare, Industrial Settings, Construction, Manufacturing, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and many other Industries. Gloves, bouffant, lab coats, coveralls, aprons, masks, safety glasses, hard hats, shoe covers, boots, first aid and other protective products are examples of PPE and Safety Equipment.

Gloves protect the hands from biohazards, chemicals, heat, cold, cuts, scraps, or punctures. Bouffant, Hair Nets and Beard Covers protect against contamination by keeping hair contained. Lab Coats, Sleeves Coveralls and Aprons protect the users clothing and body from spills or contaminants. The Most Common types of PPE used are Respiratory Protection (masks) Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection (ear plugs) and Hard Hats.