A system of Entrance Mats allows significant savings in cleaning and long-term maintenance costs! The Mats are effective at limiting the spread of dirt and moisture in high-traffic entryways. Without Entrance Mats, Floors become dirty, wet, and slippery increasing the risks of slip and fall accidents! A 3-mat system for entrance matting should cover 15-18 feet of the entryway, this will prevent 80-90% of dirt from coming into the facility.

The 3 Mat System is described below:

  • 1)Scraper Mat: Scrapes heavy debris

Your first defense against mud, dirt, and snow. Choose matting with a non-absorbent scraping surface or open weave backing to allow moisture to drain naturally

Example: Jasper, Scraper Mat

  • 2)Scraper/Wiper Mat: Cleans & absorbs moisture

The workhorse of the system. Designed to remove and contain soil, waste particles, and moisture at the entrance

Example: Oxford Elite, Scraper/Wiper Mat

  • 3)Wiper Mat: Absorbs moisture & dries.

Removes remaining moisture, fine fragments, and dust from footwear upon entrance to the interior of the building.

Example: Dust-Star, Wiper Mat