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Embark on the success story of, a pioneer in sanitation products since 1993. Facing challenges with their initial Magento-based eCommerce journey, Unisan Direct sought MAKDigital's expertise for a transformative migration to BigCommerce. Launched on October 12, 2022, the new site stands as a testament to overcoming obstacles and embracing a future-ready eCommerce platform.

BigCommerce Development Services

Art Direction, UI, and UX Design:

MAKDigital initiated the project with a focus on Art Direction, UI Design, and UX Design. Crafting a custom BigCommerce theme using Stencil technology aimed to create a visually appealing and consistent theme throughout the site. This redesign not only improved aesthetics but also enhanced brand recognition, providing a user-friendly experience for easy navigation through industry-specific product categories and familiar brand selections.

BigCommerce Development:

The migration from Magento to BigCommerce required comprehensive development work, including the creation of custom features and functionalities. The goal was to align the site with modern eCommerce standards, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

BigCommerce Integrations:

Integrated third-party applications and services, including Avalara Tax, Rewind Backups, Searchanise, Shipper HQ, BundleB2B, and ShipStation, to enhance functionality and streamline operations.

BigCommerce Data Migrations:

Ensured a seamless transition of data from Magento to BigCommerce, preserving data integrity and enabling a smooth user experience on the new platform.

BigCommerce Design Services

Custom Features & Functionality:

Introduced complex mega navigation, custom BundleB2B implementation, and a custom categories template allowing browsing by industry. Custom mobile navigation and side cart components, developed with React, enhanced the overall user experience.

Custom Theme Design & Development:

Crafted a custom theme design to ensure a consistent and visually appealing brand representation throughout the site.

SEO Optimized Homepage:

Implemented SEO best practices on the homepage to enhance search engine rankings and increase discoverability.

Color Palette:

A carefully curated color palette reflected the brand's identity, reinforcing recognition and establishing a memorable visual presence.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research:

Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant terms and phrases in the sanitation and medical supplies industry. This strategic approach ensures that Unisan Direct's website is optimized for the right search queries, increasing its discoverability among potential customers. The positive impact is reflected in improved search engine rankings, attracting targeted organic traffic and enhancing overall online visibility.

On-page Optimizations:

Implemented on-page optimizations to enhance the website's relevance and accessibility. This involved optimizing meta tags, headers, and content structure. By aligning the site's content with industry-specific keywords, we aimed to improve search engine rankings and provide a better user experience. The positive impact includes increased organic search visibility, higher click-through rates, and improved user satisfaction.


The collaborative effort between MAKDigital and Unisan Direct resulted in a triumphant migration from Magento to BigCommerce. The new website, with its optimized SEO, intuitive design, and powerful functions, stands ready to tackle Unisan Direct's eCommerce opportunities and bring lasting success to the business. Explore the possibilities for your eCommerce venture with MAKDigital today!

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