Unisan serves a variety of different types of laboratories. We are familiar with the products required for medical labs, research labs, production labs, biotechnology labs, and cleanrooms. Unisan can provide all the PPE, cleaning chemicals, tools, and facilities management in one place to simplify the purchasing process for your facility.

Laboratories are required to be compliant with a variety of different procedures and qualifications for the equipment used in processes. Unisan is familiar with FDA-compliant and HCAAP procedures.

PPE is extremely important for the protection of employees as well as the protection of the products being manufactured. Unisan carries a wide variety of Lab Coats, Shoe Covers, and Bouffants. One of Unisan’s most popular items is our gloves! We have every type of glove that a facility could need! Gloves designed to protect against biohazards, chemical resistant, cut resistant, or thermal resistant! Unisan also has a variety of different types of Aprons, Gowns, Overalls, Lab Coats, and Protective Sleeves.

We have a wide range of cleaning products and chemicals. Our cleaning chemicals are efficient and concentrated. We have a range of different options for sanitizers, disinfectants, and degreaser chemicals meant for a variety of uses. Unisan is committed to efficient and cost-effective cleaning chemicals to keep your facility clean, sterile, and healthy. We also carry extensive options for cleaning equipment and tools, such as vaccums, floor cleaners, squeegees, brooms, and mops.