Unisan serves manufacturing facilities. An Important aspect of manufacturing is maintaining a safe and organized working environment for your employees. Unisan is a supplier of PPE and Safety Supplies. We have safety glasses, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hard hats, and all kinds of coveralls and body protection. We have every type of glove that a facility could need! Gloves designed to be biohazard resistant, chemical resistant, cut resistant, or thermal resistant!

We have a wide range of cleaning products and equipment. Our cleaning chemicals are efficient and concentrated. We have a range of different options for sanitizers, disinfectant, and degreaser chemicals meant for a variety of uses. We also carry extensive options for cleaning equipment, such as squeegees, brushes, wipers and much more. We have a full line of color-coded tools! Implementing a Color-Coded Cleaning Plan promotes organization and cleanliness.

We also provide paper products and their dispensers. We have many different types of paper towels, facial tissue, and toilet tissue. We also have a variety of odor control products that are meant to keep your facilities smelling fresh and clean. We stock many different types and sizes of can liners. We also have trash receptacles and carts meant to ease the management of waste in our facilities